Rescue Shump – musicm122 – Jam Entry



Rescue Shump:The shump where you don’t shoot anybody.

My First LD48 Entry submitted EVAR!

You: A member of a technologically advanced society, whose sworn mission is to save refuges of other time and space incidents before their world is destroyed.

Safely maneuver an unstable planet and save as many survivors as you can before their world explodes.


#1- Slow Down Time
#2- Dodge Immediate threat
Space – Emergency Brake and pick up survivors
Left and right keys – Accelerate & decelerate
Up and Down keys- Move ship up and down



So I drew a lot of the inspiration from a portion of the pop fiction novel When Worlds Collide. Specifically when they fly a rocket around  the world to collect animals and people to survive the explosion of the two colliding planets.


I wanted to focus more on the narrative of the individuals piloting the ship and as the survivors. If I were to build on this I’d add a mode in the game that would allow the player to walk around in the ship and in the world (thinking FF6 in the airship) and delve into the whos, whys and whats of the Org that is indiscriminately saving everyone they possibly can as well as the origin of the ship and its pilot.

Development Issues\Challenges\Wishful thoughts

  • I hate that I had to spend so much time on UI stuff. I should build in more ui stuff for any future jams. (Which is pretty much my least favorite thing to do in Game Development)
  • I did start to put together enemy planes and the like but didn’t feel I had enough time for a decent AI and I wasn’t so sure I could make sense for something like that in the narrative. At the end of the world who in their right mind would be trying to kill  humanities’ last hope?
  • I wanted audio but my sound card was being a pain for the duration.
  • I totally ignored setting up any sort of parallax
  • I wanted a timer and for the falling debris to gradually get worse the longer you played.
  • Generally I would have liked to have a valid way to articulate a narrative with dialog.

The Future:

If anything I think it might make an okay mobile game…. Not really sure I wanna do anything atm though. It was a welcomed diversion and I had a lot of fun. At this point I’ m just happy I have something submitted that is relatively playable.


  • No death animation for mountain collision death. The game just ends.
  • No end of level
  • You can rescue survivors an unlimited amount of times
  • When dead and selecting restart game stays paused.



Used assets from


Used Ferr2dTerrain for generation of terrain


Used 5 Minute Gui For pause and start screens.


Used PowerGUI for HUD