Being “Grateful” Getting Tough? Check out “Ham On Rye”

You think your life is rough?

Read “Ham On Rye”

Charles Bukowski

I promise you that your shit will smell like sunflowers by the time you get to the end. As a recently “woke” history nerd, I only recall hearing about the Great Depression in the Macro. I do not remember much of anything regarding personal stories of individual persons but, after reading this I’ve been given a newfound respect for the Great Depression-era kids.

Of particular interest was the budding career of the main character and his relentless drive to create. He created without any hope of fortune, love or fame.  He also lived a pretty horribly miserable life. Definitely, an R-rated work, very much a raw and visceral look into the author’s semi-true story.

Books like this put things in perspective.