About Rest and the Web

Representational State Transfer or rest is the simplest terms is a way of accessing and modifying resources in a format that is easily understood. I, like many, though it was just how HTTP sends and receives data for a browser to render. Didn’t know there was so much more to the story.

Awesome layman’s explanation. I highly recommend you get that first coffee and get comfortable before embarking on this one. If it wasn’t as interesting a read it would certainly be in the TL;DR category.


After this I began to wonder the the heck was the point of SOAP requests
and I was not the only one.


I mean look at a Rest request and response.
*material found here (http://www.jmarshall.com/easy/http/#structure)*

Request:To retrieve the file at the URL:


Response:The server should respond with something like the following, sent back through the same socket

Happy New Millennium!

And take a look at request and response in Soap

Request: GetStockPrice request is sent to a server. The request has a StockName parameter

POST /InStock HTTP/1.1

Response:a Price parameter that will be returned in the response

While Lines of code != Complexity in all cases, I think it would be a fair way of summarizing this particular one.

Additional comparison notes on Wikipedia