Setting the stage

So it started out a number of years ago with me (Terrance) and my friend and former roommate Ricard’s ferret named Bandit. There were times when I had to watch Bandit when my roommate had a weird work schedule. When I did I found that watching Bandit could be a challenge.



Bandit The Clever Ferret

Bandit in his cage (for now)


Bandit was a clever ferret that and developed several “hacks” for doing things like escaping from his cage and sneaking into my room. He would use a number of things around the house to make his way onto tables and over and under places he didn’t necessarily have any business being in. Bandit would just focus on something and figure out a way to accomplish it and do it. Since meeting him I always thought ferrets since then as Nature’s little Hackers.



On Getting Things Done

From then on the name “Hacker Ferret” just stuck with me. I held onto it for years before actually setting out to start my own company and when I finally got the chance I wanted to provide that sort of an approach. Use what you have to build the solution that you need. Your approach may not always be the norm but, as long as you solve the problem you set out to solve then that’s the most important thing. That was the approach I wanted to take with software development. I have always been of the opinion that getting the job done is more important than having the shiniest tools to do it. In life as in software, you make due with what you have and no solution is ever going to be perfect. Once you have the job done then continue to iterate, reevaluate and apply improvement and continue to execute.


The Logo

The first thing I published (a Windows Phone 7 app) I had a logo commissioned by graphic designer and artist Anthony Hightower. When I finally had the chance to take the plunge and start a company many years I took it as Hacker Ferret Software.