So this update was primarily concerned with those things that absolutely need to be done in order for “Fear The Light” to actually be somewhat user friendly. For the most part this was implemented using Unity’s beta 4.6 UI tools.

Title Screen











-We now have a placeholder title screen to start with

Input mapping (Using cInput2 out of the asset store)










-Pressing Esc pulls up a special menu that allows users to customize their button mapping.

Game Over Screen










-Place holder game over screen with option to quit or restart level.











-An interactive pause menu

Health Bar




-Visible health tracking

Is it ugly “YES”! but I gotta start somewhere and this stuff has to be done. Please note almost all of this will likely be visually changed before the final product releases but as of now in order to keep up with my goal of a releasing fully playable demo before the end of the year I need to have some base functionality.


This in itself was not without some struggle. For those of you interested in the gory details.

Getting an Interactive Pause Menu to Work 

Making a CoroutineUtil

Thanks to the the game dev community in general for being helpful and keeping things light.

Thanks to koujaku to continually listening to my questions and helping out with Ferr2D.

Thanks to the facebook group Unity3d for your help.