Setting up automated builds with sandcastle

Sandcastle Documentation Builder

Found a quicker work around for automated builds with docs.

MSBuild  has some additional functionality (Provided Sandcastle and Sandcastle Help File Builder must be installed first) that makes the documentation process pretty damn easy.
1.Build projects with xml documentation enabled.
2.Sandcastle and Sandcastle Help File Builder must be installed
3.Sandcastle Style May Patch must be applied to sandcastle
4. NET 4.0 must be added to “C:\Program Files(x86)\Sandcastle\ProductionTools \MrefBuilder.exe.config” in sand castle
“*< supportedRuntime version=”v4.0.30128″/>
5. Create a new project in “SandCastle Help File Builder“and add the projects
6. add all the projects that you want to document.
7.Save and close
8.Depending on how you want the documentation you can create individual shfbproj for individual chm files for each project or you could just have one set of documentation for the entire project
(I’m assuming you just want one in this example)
Place something like the following in your post build event in the last project you are building in your solution.



You may get a notification from visual studio stating something along the lines of “Visual Studio is awaiting a response” just be patience depending on the size of your project it could take a while….



(I have about 9 namespaces and a couple thousand methods it picked up and took about 5-6 minutes to compile.)