On JSON and Rest Requests in Android

Yet another shamelessly lifted answer from SO that I wrote

using example from here credits to Justin Grammens at this blog for original post http://localtone.blogspot.com/2009/07/post-json-using-android-and-httpclient.html
About JSON

JSON is a Javascript Object Notation,

the example from the article used this bit of JSON The Parts a fan object with email as a key and foo@bar.com as a value { fan: { email : ‘foo@bar.com’ } } so the object equivalent  would be fan.email; or fan[’email’]; both would have the same value of ‘foo@bar.com’ About HttpClient Request The following is what our author used to make a [HttpClient Request][1]. I do not claim to be an expert at all this so if anyone has a better way to word some of the terminology feel free. java map reference


Please feel free to comment on any questions that arise about this post or if I have not made something clear or if I have not touched on something that your still confused about… etc whatever pops in your head really.

(I will take down if Justin Grammens does not approve. But if not then thanks Justin for being cool about it.)

Resources abound beginning with my own answer to a similar question.

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