The Depths of H E double hockey stick

YOU: The fist of might

THEM: The undead legions Find the escape point and make it out alive. Or maybe there is no escape !!!

The Depths of H E double hockey stick

This is my Bacon Jam 9 game jam entry. Our theme was “Depth”.


Help / Controls

[WASD] => Move
Arrows[up, down left, right] => Move
[Left ctrl] => Punch
[P], [Esc] or [Pause] => Pause game



The theme for this game jam was depth. I was thinking about the Mtg Card Underground River when I was developing this one. I wanted an underground watery hell like in Silent Hill 2 at the Lakeview Hotel. I was going for “scary beat’um up” game.


If I continued with this I’d add an item system, experience system, ranged abilities, procedural generated levels with increasing difficulty, more enemies. I’d even go as far as adding a plot. 

Lessons Learned

  • I had a hard time with the changes in Unity Animation system (Mecanim) in v 5. If you look at the player animation you will probably notice some twitching.
  • There are a ton of free assets from the Unity asset store that I did not know about til this jam.
  • Same is true for art assets specifically from open game art.
  • Its better to be late than to be broken in the context of a game jam. I should have just pushed a bit more for a later game but, I was worried I would not make the deadline. Bugs in the game totally killed my score.

Lessons Learned (Bonus Round)


One never knows who actually plays games. If it weren’t for Jupiter Hadley asking about my buggy game after the jam, I probably wouldn’t have actually fixed the bugs and cleaned things up. I totally missed the chance to have my game played on her bacon game jam vids but, it gave me an extra push to finish a game that I’d done a fair bit of wallowing in self-pity about. Plus, I got some positive feedback from her about the game.

Ah! Its a shame you didnt fix it sooner – I wanted to include it in my compilation series of all the bacon jam games! Dont be so discouraged by others, Jams are difficult! Making a game never goes the way that it is planned too. The game itself isnt bad at all. Hope to see you in more jams! 

Are you entering any of the ones listed on any time soon?

Thank you for the reply







Additional Assets

Special Thanks to Jupiter Hadley for actually wanting to play my game and giving me some positive feedback when I was feeling like crap.