Hacker Ferret’s New Partner

We are expanding here at Hacker Ferret Software. We have a new partner in the company. Introducing ….


James Melton

James has worked partnered in different business ventures and has owned successful companies and knows the nooks and crannies of business but, does not shy away from pulling up his sleeves and doing the hard work of things done. He provides a realistic foil to Terrance’s doe-eyed idealism while maintaining an air of positivity. He also gets Terrance out of office and into the real world to appreciate the little things, nature and all things that are not directly related to software development.  James is kicking butt with web design in addition to project logistics and management.

Our Clients xnhq4yqx1



This past year has provided us ample problems to solve and with that ample clients to work with.verticalalliancelogo-web1

We’ve partnered with period three to develop a new web-based artist marketplace, spelunked around in some cool secret squirrel android tech and helped to revamp a Legacy .net\ web app for an e-learning trucking company.


Our New and WIP Productsscorm-logo

Scorm Toolkit

As of now, we are prepping our initial release of the Scorm Toolkit. A set of easy to use, administrative power tools for the e-learning professional.

14993477_276479672749183_7820478973341952283_n1My Care Solutions

We are also working on a hardware\software  combo platform for helping family members, guardians and home healthcare providers with keeping their loved ones safe while empowering them with personal independence. Stay tuned for more details!




Volunteering and Events



arc2012_logo_off1We took a couple trips to NC and Checked out a couple Xamarin Dev Days and AllThingsOpen. We also competed at Startup Weekend.

We gave Talks on Javascript at Converge and Refresh. We volunteered at Prosperity’s Hoppin’ Festival for the second year in a row and Terrance was a Judge for a South Carolina Business Week Event.We donated Blood, Platelets, and Plasma for a total combined number of 19 donations at the Columbia SC Blood Donation Center as of 11/24/2016 and a goal of 25 before the end of the year.




Thanks and Shout Outs

I want to take the time to give thanks and shout-outs to the folks that helped us out this year.


The FutureHackerFerret_Web_Tweak

Without a doubt our first year as a formal company has been filled fun and opportunity but, we are not resting on our laurels and have big plans for HFS year 2.  We are looking at couple large projects, new clients, new products and possibly a podcast in the works. That being said if you are considering hiring us to solve your problem and don’t know where to start then give our Free 30 min Consultation a try or if you absolutely need a deep dive into something more then check out our Paid Consultation.

For more info stay tuned.