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  • Do you want to know how to make your website more mobile friendly?
  • Do you need a custom app or, is there a preexisting solution available?
  • Is there a process, tool or workflow that you or your employees spend an obscene amount of time on?
  • Do you have a have a product that needs “x” feature and needs to know how much work would be involved?
  • Do you want to know about technology “x” and if your business needs it?
  • Do you have a quote for “x” amount from a company for work? Maybe you aren’t sure if you have been quoted a legitimate estimate?
  • Are you unsure how best to implement or improve your IT infrastructure?
  • Not sure if you need a web app or a mobile app?
  • Do you just need to know the market viability of an idea

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Extended Hour + Paid Consultation

This is Hacker Ferret Software’s Paid Hourly consultation. In this meeting, we can deep into your given problem. If you need more than the initial 30 minutes to talk then this is for you.

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Project Work Booking

  • You have a definitive solution that needs to be implemented?
  • Looking to architect and build your companies next killer app?
  • Want an existing piece of software tweaked or cleaned up?
  • Want to build a completely new software solution?
  • Do you need to convert a web app to a mobile app or vice versa?
  • Do you need to hire a subcontractor for work on your team?
  • This is Hacker Ferret Software’s booking for the kickoff of an engagement. Only apply if you are certain about what you want and serious about getting things done.

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