Me and My DaughterMe and My Daughter

Hacker Ferret Software:
A family oriented business that provides independent software consultation, development, and an interesting creation studio. We believe in hacking love  into our software.


Hacking together software today for a better tomorrow for all.


Our approach may be non-traditional, but our attention to the craft of software development is not. We offer quality and flexibility while holding firmly to the belief that our customers deserve true value in the service we provide them. Whether we are selling our products, doing custom-made software development, or forging new and innovative software solutions, we stay abreast of the latest in software development technology to help meet your business needs. This is not your dad’s software development company (Unless you happen to be the girl in this picture).

Who is Terrance Smith: 

  • I am a father first. My amazing daughter Nevaeh and I (pictured above) share many adventures together. Whether it is a Girl Scout function, art class, music class, gymnastics,  exploring our state, taking walks, or just playing video games and reading comic books, we smile, laugh, and love our way through each day.
  • I am an Active Duty US Army  Veteran. I served eight years as both an Information Technology Specialist and a Network Switching Systems Operator.
  • I am  a passionate software developer and independent consultant who specializes in both JavaScript  and C#. I develop solutions for the web, desktop or for mobile devices.
  • I am a self-taught software developer with over ten years of experience, and I take pride in the work I do.
  • In addition to providing service,  I’m in the process of bootstrapping products in the e-learning domain related to Scorm that I am working on in my spare time, so be on the lookout for that in the near future.

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Terrance Smith
Based in Prosperity, South Carolina


Founding date:
Dec 2013


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