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  • Testing

    Not feeling great about code changes on your system. Add a layer of confidence to your code changes with via unit and integration testing.

  • Platform Porting

    Want to take advantage of all those new tools and services but your old software holding you back? Need that must have webapp in the App Store. We can port it.

  • Documentation

    Is your subject matter expert leaving you soon? Are you worried you will be training up the new guys without a clue? Transitions can be tough. Let us get those processess in order so they don't have to be.

  • Maintenance

    Be it Bug Fixes, Security Patches, Functionality Tweaks, Update and Deployment Automation. Let us take the wheel and allow yourself to get some sleep at night.

Your Product

Your product gets the job done but…

  • You’re not sure for how long due to obsolescence or major breaking changes.
  • You’re not sure how safe due to possible vulnerabilities in the code or the tools themselves.
  • You’re tired of dealing with an obscene amount of bugs that are costing you users and money.
  • Your development team has a has a prayer meeting when a code change is made?
  • The dev with all the answers left you in need of a hug, a helping hand and readable maintainable codebase?



Let us be the Cleaners~

At Hacker Ferret Software we inject your software development process with Love. That can mean refactoring your code base so that it is readable, adding unit and integration testing, developer, and user documentation, simplified deployment, source control, and training.

You and your team want to do all this but, can’t find the time with all the business requirements? Put it in our hands and let it go. Be empowered to do your job without 1000 tiny paper cuts. Let us inject your software development process with Love.

Services We Offer

Let Us Handle the Boring stuff~

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